Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Colorado Exposed

Some time exposures from el Ranchero last week.
55 minutes, f/8, 28mm, ISO 250

1 second, f/4, 24mm, ISO 800

3 seconds, f/4, 80mm, ISO 800

1/6 second, f/22, 24mm, ISO 50

1/8 second, f/22, 70mm, ISO 50


  1. i really like the feel of the 2nd one. nice bottom-weighted composition. the first one is sick too, you have like a time cord for that?

  2. Nice work mr steady hands. Love those speed blurs. I always wondered how they shoot the spinning stars. What is the secret? Do you just point up and shoot or do you need to focus on a certain star?

  3. I lover these. I have been wanting to experiment with long exposure too. Yeah what is the secret for the stars?

  4. I just read my post, too funny to change the first sentence...

  5. 55 minutes is a long time to see if your photo turned out! Beautiful water shots.

  6. Find the North Star, turn on the long-exposure noise reduction, test focus & exposure using the H2 ISO, & go watch a movie. I did one a couple years ago with the ole' 20d, I'll have to do a comparison if I can find it. Thanks for the comments boys. I think Miah's neutral density filters are the way to go with the daytime long exposures though, nice work.