Monday, February 9, 2009


I had a good talk with Rod today about striving to be the best photographers we can be. In the wedding world it's all starting to look the same so how do we stay unique and creative. Are we looking at other wedding photographers for inspiration or are we looking at other photography industries. The commercial world is different because you have all day to get one image or execute a theme...and you can do it again if you mess up. But, imagine a wedding where we had a unique vision for the whole day and we told a story with our photos without pulling out recycled tricks. I love my bag of tricks but just image a shoot where each image was something you've never shot before....imagine. Kinda hard to imagine.

Here's a commercial photographers site that is refreshingly different from the wedding sites I've been stalking the last couple of months. Beware of naked lego girls in "editorial" section but otherwise pretty sweet. The slow loading photos are worth the wait...

Anyone down to come up with a story and execute it with images for the next click meeting. Make it a full production.


  1. good post miah. dig the thoughts. i've been aiming to draw inspiration from other genres, as well. It's tough, though. I'd love to take this topic to at least a deliberate discussion for our next meeting, if not a project.

  2. I sometimes feel like a "bummed" unicorn, I just never knew how to express it...until now.