Thursday, September 18, 2008

in the beginning

here's an out take from the new orleans trip a couple weeks ago.

most of the time i have an idea of where i want an image to go. not so with this one. started fooling with this image in photoshop 2 days ago, and one thing led to another. i was about to trash the file, let it sit over night, looked at it again the next day, stripped off all the layers, restarted, cropped it square, un-cropped (thank goodness for snapshots), added textures, masked them out and then added some more.... guaranteed this image has more curves layers than any photo i've ever processed.

it was a fun image to work on though. as i said, i didn't know where it was going, so despite the fact that i was photoshopping the picture, it was more like i was along for the ride, just kind of reacting to how the current layer affected what was below it. have a look-see. have a look-see right meow:


  1. Great photo! It looks deep but yet so shallow...(dof)
    I like the blur and the sharness.
    Great job!!

  2. gorgeous. a very captivating photo. I'll have to come back again and again to envision what you did. beautiful!

  3. thanks boys! glad you guys dig it. but as i said, this image was a process, and i still see things i want to go back and rework every time i look at this picture...