Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Second Coming?

Canon 5D MkII

And a few details.

What do you guys think?


  1. Dude! Video! 24 million ISO! Integrated printer/scanner! 22 inch rims!

  2. Sarcasm out-reviews the 1Ds Mk3. That's pretty amazing.

  3. I want a 18megapixel, 250/sec flash sinc, 7 frames a second, compactflash and sd card slots, 36 RAW buffer before it has to reload and a slot to burn DVDs in camera. Is that to hard for canon to deliver? Boo on the 21 megapixel computer crasher files!

    Click meeting soon. We'll have to discuss the future of photography...

    Much Love,
    Miah Klein

  4. comments are all time so far.

    rod. agreed.

    miah, sRAW 1 & 2 - 10 & 5 megapixels respectively. thats pretty killer. but yeah, we def need to work out the future of all things photography. soon, too, because if you saw anything on the news today, you saw that everything is going out of business.

  5. i want my FPS! my 20D still outperforms the 5D newbie. What the crap?

    And 21 MP is studly for ISO but deadly for storage!

    I am sad too boys, this is like waiting a whole year for Xmas and getting coal in your stocking!

  6. Yeah 50D is my next purchase I feel I an ONLY sacrificing crop factor...

  7. And get a pop flash for small trips!

  8. I put my deposit in anyway...haters

  9. word, rod. while i haven't put down a depost, i'm pumped to get my hands on one of these babies asap. i can't wait to take out of focus video footage at f/1.4.