Thursday, April 10, 2008

This should be illegal

Kyle Loza, X-Games winner (and fellow Jesus freak) from '07 will attempt a new trick this Saturday at Qualcomm in San Diego and I'll try to sneek my camera in to get his first attempt on dirt. "AI Servo" on my 40d doesn't "servo" anything and likes to focus on absolutely nothing in the frame! Anyone have any tips as I liked this mode in the 20d, but it's acting goofy on the 40d? Also, it sounded like a few of you new a bit about HDR and I would desperately like a crash course or a point in the right direction for interiors/architecture.

Thanks Clickies!

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  1. How did the shoot go for you? I saw a blip on the news today about some moto guys at Qualcom and thought of you. Post the goodies....