Friday, August 27, 2010

Laird Hamilton in Malibu

Was able to shoot big wave guru last night in Malibu. He's a nice guy...don't let the portraits fool you.


  1. what a privilege! Nice work, Miah.
    What's the story on the black background in the first frame?
    After sunset?
    That's a low, wrapping (key?) light coming from camera right. Subtle, blue rim on the left. What was your fill source? Softbox?
    Please tell.

  2. Just Announced:
    "Laird Week" on Shark Discovery Channel

  3. Dave,
    large soft box 45 degrees in front. 550ex pointed at his bicept from the side almost behind. Black cloth put up with gaffers tape. The blue rim was a little bit of ambient coming in...kinda lucky on that.