Monday, August 3, 2009


We had a party this weekend and it was super legitified. 15' bonfire, lit dance floor w/DJ, sweet tunes, soccer under christmas lights and a photobooth to capture Michael Jackson costumed party goers. One main 60" umbrella with two bare strobes for rim. Camera triggered by mug-takers via remote. Nikon D300 tethered to computer for viewing via Sofortbild.

Hope you guys are well!


  1. Ya Dave, Thanks for sharing the Soforthbild. I just downloaded and an excited to work with it.

    So is the guy in the picture double jointed or is that not his real hand in with the glove?

  2. Yo, Miah! I just saw that Sofortbild is currently a Nikon program with plans to build software for Canon. I know. I know. But, I like my Nikon/Canon lifestyle! Best of both worlds.
    And the guy in the photo, Chad, is in fact wearing the glove on his right foot. He's very talented.