Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Striking a balance

Some food for thought: I was prepping for a blog post and ran across too similar, but altogether different images. Similar because of the pose and the couple. Different because of the moment and a different choice of lens (70-200mm vs 35mm). I've had some discussions with Hugh about the importance of pleasing the client; that's why some shoot mostly with a flattering lens like the 70-200. But, then again, there's also the importance of inspiring other photographers; that's why some shoot mostly prime in hopes of nailing the focus+bokeh+moment+lighting etc. to create a dramatic, striking image.

You want happy clients, right? and also want to inspire? So how does the photographer tackle this endeavor? Well, at least for me, I try to achieve some sort of balance (though I confess I usually end up pendulum-swinging back and forth). One side or another bring me harm. I find if all I do is client please then I burn out from boredom. I find if all I do is try to amaze other photographers I burn out from undue self-inflicted stress from inflated expectations. So however you do so, finding the balance as a photographer is so important. The issue isn't the lens. It doesn't matter what lens you're using; it's bigger than that. More so, it matters if you're keeping both your photography+ the client in mind while you email, call, meet, book, photograph, interact during the customer-client relationship.

Find the balance. Serve your clients well. Inspire others around you. Cheers.

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  1. Balance is a good word but seriously, I think as a photographer I like both images. The boka is greak in both images. I think it's good to shoot for the client but while you are getting the job done (meat and potatoe shots) try and find something different to shoot to stay inspired. I love these photos...keep them coming.