Friday, June 6, 2008

The Wedding Singer

Ok, so I just finished editing through a wedding from a couple weeks ago and had to post this one. Despite the strangely mottled background and not nailing the exposure while shooting JPEG, this has to be one of my favorite wedding photos i've ever snapped. The little back story is that the brides grandmother decided she wanted to say something too after all the regularly scheduled speeches, so she snags the mic and recites a love song... super cute right? yeah, but then she follows it up by singing the melody a cappella. The whole place lost it and this was the moment just after she wrapped it up. Hope you guys dig it.


  1. Hugh,
    You're the man. Love that image too. Tilt/Shift lens? Checked your blog today and think you got a sweet style, very photo journalistic artistic. Keep inspiring...

  2. Thanks Miah. Just a little PS-TS. I do want to get my hands on a TS lens one of these days though, the PS version just doesn't quite stack up to the real deal.